Switching Lawn Space to Low Water Use Plants Just Makes Common Sense!

This Lawn to Garden section of the website provides you with all the tools you will need to get started converting lawn area to beautiful water efficient garden space. Garden Tours shows you specific homes where conversions have been done to inspire. Garden Ideas organizes more garden imagery connected to turf replacement. The plant lists in this section are confined to low and very low water use plants. The Design page has 12 very important design suggestions for you. The Install page outlines the steps necessary to make the conversion yourself.

Ventura County Turf Replacement Rebate Program Links

Wonderful no turf garden

Turf Replacement Benefits:

  • Add Beauty - Diverse gardens, with flowering plants, differing textures, seasonal changes and entertaining focal points adds curb appeal and beauty that a monochrome lawn cannot match.
  • Save Water - Turf is the most water intensive element of California gardens. Replacing turf with a sustainable garden can reduce water use per square foot by 70% or more.
  • Save Money - Saving water means saving money. Over half the water we use at our homes is for outside use, when we replace turf with gardens, especially when irrigated with drip or micro-irrigation systems the money savings can be dramatic.
  • Save Time - Turf must be mowed, edged, fertilized, weeded and generally pampered. Gardens, if well mulched, might only need light care once a month or less. Less chores, more time.
Beautiful Garden


Specific Garden Ideas for Turf Replacement

  • Look at great garden photos for ideas, save the ones you like to your private list.
  • Search for low water need plants, save them to your private list.
  • Get advice on how to do it yourself or how to work with professionals.

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After image